Acid Reflux

TIF Incisionless Procedure for Acid Reflux in Hot Springs, AR

NEW TIF Incisionless Procedure Clinically Repairs the Anatomic Cause of Heartburn

Do you limit foods and drinks like alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, citrus, or carbonated beverages due to acid reflux? Does reflux require that you manage:
•  how late at night you eat?
•  how large your meals are?
•  how soon you can exercise after eating?
•  when you take medication?

The TIF procedure may be the answer.

•  Proven clinically effective
•  A no incision procedure is performed through the mouth
•  Minimal downtime gets you back to your life quickly
•  Reduces the risk of esophagus cancer
•  Reduces or eliminates use of pills and their side effects including increased incidence osteoporosis

How is TIF performed?
TIF is performed with the patient under general anesthesia. The EsophyX device is introduced into the body through the mouth and advanced into the esophagus under visualization of a video camera inserted down the central shaft of the device. The device is then used to form and fasten several tissue folds to create a robust antireflux valve at the gastroesophageal junction, resulting in the effective elimination of GERD.

Most patients go home the next day and can return to work and most normal activities within a few days. In the weeks following surgery, a natural healing process fuses and cements the folds to create a durable antireflux barrier.

Is TIF efffective?
In recent studies, TIF patients reported 80% improvement in quality of life, significantly improved satisfaction, and reduction/elimination of heartburn symptoms. All patients discontinued medication after the TIF procedure, and 79% were still completely off daily medication two years after the procedure.

Is TIF safe?
TIF has been proven safe in use in thousands of procedures worldwide. To date, side effects have been minimal.

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