Two Vector Jaw Lift and Turkey Neck Bulge

Saggy rounded chins are a common aging phenomenon. Sometimes they are accompanied by a mid-neck bulge where fat accumulates, often called the turkey neck effect. Treating the these are two areas where threads perform well.

Two Vector Jaw Lift

Volume and bone loss in the jaw creates a rounded chin and often one cannot see where the neck ends and face begins. The two vector jaw lift brings definition and support to the area. Two barbed threads are inserted to lift the area and then smooth sutures interlaced between to create structure and volume. As with all barbed vector threads, the area is treated with local anesthetic before introduction of the thread. Results are immediately noticeable and then continue to improve and develop over 12 weeks. The area will feel tight as the barbed threads settle into place. The patient is encouraged to return to normal activities but may notice the threads pulling for the first few days.

With this treatment the patient is provided medication to put them at ease. We ask the patient to come to treatment with a driver. Once the medication has worn off, the patient is permitted to return all normal activity with the exception of aerobic exercise. This should be avoided for 48 hours to reduce thermal heat in the area.

Sagging Turkey Neck

A mid neck bulge can occur from volume lose in the face and bone structure but also is accompanied by the development of fat deposits in the area. It is necessary to treat the fat deposits first before adding threads to tighten and restore the jaw line. Fat deposits are effectively addressed by RF (radiofrequency) treatment. We achieve this with our Endymed treatment series. Depending upon the severity of the fat deposits, some turkey necks are too large for effective RF reduction. Kybella is an injected formula that can eliminate the fat permanently. This treatment should be considered on significant bulges.

Once the fat deposit is addressed then smooth threads can be introduced to effectively tighten the area. Threads are placed inĀ one – three star patterns centrally down the length of the neck. This tightens the sagging skin and addresses neck wrinkle necklaces. Pictured is a patient who is having threads placed.

More Threads for the Jowl