Three Vector Cheek/Jowl Lift

The most extensive lift of the face also serves as the basis for a full face thread lift. Three barbed threads are established to lift and define youthful vectors. As with all barbed vector threads, the area is treated with local anesthetic before introduction of the thread. Smooth threads are then added to form a lattice upon which fibroblasts can establish and skin regenerated. The area will feel tight as the barbed threads settle into place. The patient is encouraged to return to normal activities but may notice the threads pulling for the first few days.

With this treatment the patient is provided medication to put them at ease. We ask the patient to come to treatment with a driver. Once the medication has worn off, the patient is permitted to return all normal activity with the exception of aerobic exercise. This should be avoided for 48 hours to reduce thermal heat in the area.

Add Bar Code Threads for Fine Lines