Why DOT?

Why Dot?

DOT therapy has been a great advancement in the world of CO² laser resurfacing treatments.  The CO² laser has long been considered the GOLD standard for effective skin resurfacing. Historically, however, many procedures involved vaporizing an entire layer of the skin surface, resulting in significant downtime, discomfort and prolonged redness. Before DOT, many patients endured painful lengthy recoveries in order to achieve the desired results. Also, they could not treat non-facial areas like the neck and décolletage easily because skin in these areas did not heal as well as the face.

So how is DOT Therapy different or better?  The DOT utilizes a ‘dot’ pattern to create thousands of microscopic perforations in the skin while leaving the areas around each ‘dot’ intact.  This fractional laser allows for the skin to heal more quickly from the edge of these tiny ‘dots’.    The overall procedure is safer, faster and more efficient.  Doctors also have more control to customize treatment specifically to the patient and even modify treatment during the procedure for various skin challenges or problem areas.

Let’s compare:

DOT Therapy  SmartXide  Laser

Traditional CO2 Lasers

Minimal recovery time (3-5 days) Lengthy recovery time (weeks)
Rapid healing due to DOT pattern Delayed healing due to full layer removal
Adjustable settings for customized treatment No flexibility to customize treatment
Minimal discomfort Patient discomfort and pain
No bleeding Possible bleeding
Target various types of damage Nominal flexibility
Treat beyond the face (eyelids, neck, hands) Safely treat the face only
No adverse reactions Risk of adverse reactions and side effects

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